Whatever Happened?

by Hospital Sports

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Recorded in the first half of 2014 at a bach in Mangawhai and our houses by Morgan Allen. Performed by Morgan Allen, Danny Ebdale and Madison Plummer. All songs written by Danny Ebdale/Hospital Sports.

Thank you to our families, friends and fans.



released August 10, 2014



all rights reserved


Hospital Sports Auckland, New Zealand

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Track Name: Smile Lines
they say life comes in little bursts
in a nutshell that's mine
i slept in too late, i didn't want to see you
but i know you care
i play dead while you sit and stare
its not what you do but how you do it
i'll keep bending strings until i'm over it
i drink wine like beer while i watch cape fear
i stay up until the sun shines through the cracks of my door
but i know i'm doing okay
just give me space with these smile lines on my face
its not what you have but how you show it
its all in your head but still i'm sorry
its not in the drugs that keep you going
i'll stay in the dirt cause that's where i'm buried
Track Name: Water
you say that you end up turning it in when you know that you don't make it fair on yourself
you say i'm growing colder and i don't win half the time so it's best if i keep to myself
little things in your water, little things in the kitchen
better be more fair on yourself
you say that your friends are all plotting against you
but you're so far gone that you've lost the time to pretend
little things in your water, little things in the kitchen
keeping you afraid of yourself
keeping you so scared of yourself
Track Name: What's In It For Me?
what's in it for me? could it be worth it?
i'm scratching the surface with someone just like myself
and i feel alright with her
and i feel so right with her
but i don't deserve you, i should of known better
its just sometimes i can't help but go with my heart when i shouldn't.
but i'm prepared for if that moment will appear
i'd lay low for a couple more years
and wait patiently if you need me to
there's so much that i'm seeing, but you're leaving and i left this too late.
i'm not too perfect but not so nervous or crazy to need you beside me.
Track Name: Hurts
walked into the bar, i saw you talking to my friends but not so much to me
you never talk to them but you flipped a coin and set the record straight
what's that thing on your shoulder there?
i'll go and drink myself the rest of my beer at home
and what good does it do when you know i'm alone
but that's okay if you feel that way
i just think its wise to better myself before i fall in love with someone else.
i like to think i know the ins and outs, but i don't
its a long lost fight that has no end result, no
(i hope this never happens)
(i hope this never happens to me)