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by Hospital Sports

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released October 1, 2013

All songs written by Danny Ebdale/Hospital Sports and recorded in between January and September, 2013 at our homes and Nomad Soundstore.

Danny Ebdale - guitar, vocals, keys, recording
Morgan Allen - bass, recording
Madison Plummer - drums, photography




all rights reserved


Hospital Sports Auckland, New Zealand

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Track Name: Dinosaur
move over, i can't see anything
i can't see the lights, or the city streets
or the clouds that hover over my head
i don't see you anymore, leave it like that
one day, i'll stop believing
one day, i'll stop asking
i'll come back to you
when i stop breathing
i'm just asking, would it be clearer through saying nothing?
wouldn't call you afraid, wouldn't call you a genius in speaking honestly
am i a ghost?
i don't see
am i a ghost?
i don't breathe anymore
Track Name: Days
the coldest summer day
where i couldn't wait to stay home and sleep
and think about the love we once shared
where are all my friends?
i'm staring at the ocean
wishing i could give up, wishing i was free
love, i'm so strung out on your disposition
love, who am i working for?
love, i'm so worn out from these long nights of false fights
love, i'm turning you in
where did the days go?
i'm sleeping in
where did the days go?
Track Name: Sunspots
the oldest game in here to play:
just don't be fooled and don't feel wrong
cause no one would ever do that to you
the only way to make me stay:
put a smile upon your face
and keep your head up high
you shouldn't have to act so strange
you're calling out and lying down
with your eyes closed
but how could anybody feel the same?
and how could anyone need more change?
now i'm calling out and i'm lying down
this is for no one
this is for the sun
Track Name: The Long Run
in the long run, happy faces are the invitations to a healthy lifestyle
in regards to mine, it's screaming stress and emptiness and that ain't so hot now
but what do you think i think of everyone?
these two front teeth couldn't be less of a turn off
i'm at one with selfesteem i know
but to your friends it never shows
won't say goodbye before i go cause this paranoia haunts me
in the sunshine i used to stay indoors all day and play along to records
but in the long run, i know its done me justice now cause i'm feeling better
and in the meantime you'll be fine
i guess, i guess
Track Name: The Finishing Line
i can't do anything
and you can't do anything
so what gives?
i don't live a normal life
making stupid songs and silly lines
but who cares?
whatever i do it's all up to you
but when my heart breaks i'm pretty hard to get used to
i'm crawling on my hands and feet
my eyes are tired but i'm just behind the finish line
look whos in the way, you're so soft spoken
my voice is broken from laughing so hard
look whos wasted all your precious time
you're so uncomfortable, i know you faked it all
quiet in the back seat, where's your dignity?
Track Name: Swiss Army Knife
sick of all your unrealistic rules
when you're sober you're just incontent and fooled
it's okay to be a mess sometimes i know
but if it's easier to talk this way then
i'll never return
i didn't wanna ever return anyway
sick of all these melodramatic fools
caving in my teeth for the greater good
you pour salt in my wound while you fix the noose
my swiss army knife will maybe help you choose
i'll never let go
i promise i won't ever let go
can i get a hallelujah?
Track Name: Lighthouses
ain't it good to know just what i think now?
and ain't it good to breathe easy?
you'll find you're better off alone without these things on your mind
you'll find your peace along the way though you feel so neglected
and i'm so sick of all your friends
and i'm so stupid for leaving mine
theres no excuse for my instincts
i'm obviously growing up some way or another